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Wind turbine transport

Van de Wetering is the absolute authority in transporting wind turbine parts. We will find a fitting solution to transport all your cargo.

Our equipment has been adapted to transport wind turbine parts in the most efficient way possible. Our drivers and pilot vehicles have been trained to transport every type and size of wind turbine safely and successfully.

Over the years, we have developed a database of all clearance heights and widths on our routes, using our own measuring system. This unique database is kept up-to-date by our own pilots and drivers by tracking measurements during every transport we carry out throughout Europe. This extra knowledge means we can find the most optimal route to your destination every time.

One of our pilot vehicles can investigate your route in advance, if necessary. We’ll examine any potential obstacles along the route, so that these can be removed – and if we can’t avoid the obstacle, we’ll look for an alternative.

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Recent project

Silo voor transport

Silo transport Maasbracht - Koningsbosch

Transport type Special transport
Pick up location Maasbracht
Delivery location Koningsbosch
Distance travelled 17 kilometers
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