Special transport

The largest objects imaginable: crates, machines, aircraft motors, cable drums and reels, wind turbine parts and offshore equipment. We can load higher and wider than anyone else – and we can transport anything to any location in Europe, Turkey, North Africa and Asia with our unique low-loaders.

Trust our 99 years of experience in special transport

For almost a century, we have been flawlessly navigating our way in Europe, Turkey, North Africa and Asia. And we mean that literally: we know every viaduct, every bend in the road and every potential obstacle en route – even in the most remote locations. Our unique fleet and our highly experienced drivers are your guarantee for the safe arrival of your cargo at its final destination.

Our special fleet features unique low-loaders which have been built to our own design. The result is a low-loader that can load higher than any other transporter. We can even temporarily lower the cargo to a distance of just 2 cm aboveground when necessary along the way. And that could make the difference, so we reach your destination via the quickest route.

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Recent project

Catamaran platform Lelystad

Transport type Oversize transport
Pick up location Middle of The Netherlands
Delivery location Waterside
Distance travelled ca. 25 km
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