Guardian research ship

A project commissioned by HEBO Maritiemservice for Braveheart Marine, in cooperation with Mammoet Nederland B.V.

After being damaged off the coast of Norway, the research ship Guardian was repaired at Urk in the Netherlands (an audio recording in Dutch can be heard here: Van de Wetering, working with Mammoet Nederland B.V., transported the ship from the repair hangar back to the water when the repair was complete.


Object Guardian
Type boat/type large equipment Research vessel
Pick up location Braveheart Marine Urk
Delivery location The port of Urk
Client HEBO Maritiemservice B.V.
Distance travelled 1.7 km
Dimensions 22.50 x 6.65 x 6.00 m
Weight 60 tons
Type of lorry 8x4 Volvo FH + 8 axle Nooteboom Semie
Date 11-05-2018

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