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Sailboat transport

Planning a holiday on your own sailboat? Or do you want to sell it? Van de Wetering can arrange all your transport needs, anywhere in the world you want to go.

We can arrange every aspect of sailboat transport for you, including loading and unloading. Thanks to our extensive network of cranes and marinas, we can take your boat wherever you want it to be.

Our unique lorries make it possible to load two boats at a time. This means that the transport costs can be shared between two vessels – and this saves you money!

Our equipment can be adapted to fit any hull shape and boat dimensions. Every lorry is equipped with special boat supports, with extra protective materials at hand in every lorry to ensure that your boat remains stable during transport.

Would you like to take your accessories along with your boat? No problem at all. Just let us know when you request an estimate and we’ll include these in our offer.

Does your sailboat also have a removable mast to transport? Our lorries are equipped to take your mast along as well.

Would you like Van de Wetering to transport your sailboat?

Request an estimate with no obligation! Our staff will contact you within two business days.

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Volvo Ocean Race

Pick up location Italy
Delivery location Portugal
Distance travelled 2000+ kilometers
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