Houseboat transport

Are you thinking about relocating your houseboat? Van de Wetering can arrange the entire transport for you, wherever you want to move.

Moving your houseboat is always a custom job. Whether it’s a new houseboat that needs to be transported to its permanent berth, or relocating a houseboat after a sale, we can take care of all your transport needs. Thanks to our extensive network of cranes, we can pick up and deliver your houseboat anywhere you like.

Our equipment can be adapted to fit any hull shape and dimensions. Every lorry is equipped with special boat supports, with extra protective materials at hand in every lorry to ensure that your houseboat remains stable during transport.

Would you like to take your accessories along with your houseboat? No problem at all. Just let us know when you request an estimate and we’ll include these in our offer.

Would you like Van de Wetering to transport your houseboat?

Complete the form for an estimate with no obligation and we will contact you within two business days to discuss the details.

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