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Unique knowledge, innovative equipment, staff expertise and years of experience are the basis of our success in international yacht and special transport.

Welcome to Van de Wetering!

For more than 99 years, Van de Wetering has been the leading specialist in boat transport and special transport. Van de Wetering’s expert staff and custom-designed vehicles ensure that your valuable cargo arrives at its destination safely and on time.

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Via our extensive network, we can transport your valuable cargo throughout all of Europe. And we also know the way when you’re travelling even farther, including overseas. Because we continuously compile data on the road network, infrastructure and any obstacles along the way, we can easily determine the smartest route to your destination.


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Why choose Van de Wetering

Unique equipment

We have been designing our own equipment for many years, specifically suited to all our transport: from boats to oversize freight. This means that we have a fleet of unique low-loaders, tractors and semi-trailers at our disposal to carry out any type of transport with the highest possible quality and punctuality.

Familiar with all European routes

Europe holds no secrets for us. And we know the way in Asia and North Africa too.

Our pilot vehicles continually compile data, so we always have the most up-to-date information at our disposal to find the smartest route to your destination.

Our own specially trained drivers

Every one of our drivers is experienced in the transport of yachts and exceptional cargo. They are fully prepared for the challenges and familiar with any problems that could arise along the way. Their experience also gives them insight into the best ways to load, unload and transport – with the greatest care for your property and for our equipment. All our drivers are certified (code 95) and have been trained by us for the specialised work they do.

Last minute transport

It could be that – for one reason or another – you need our services quickly. We are also ready to drive for you at the last minute. Let us know what you need and we’ll find the most suitable solution for you.