Special transport to any destination in Europe and beyond

Do you work with huge containers, large machines, aeroplane engines, cable drums, windmill components and goods for the offshore industry? We can load just about anything and transport it to any location in Europe, Turkey, North Africa and Asia using our special low loaders.

Rely on 55 years’ experience in special transport

Thanks to over fifty years of experience, we feel at home in any stretch of water in Europe, Turkey, North Africa and Asia. This is literally the case because we know about every viaduct, every bend and every single obstacle that may be encountered en-route. Even in the remotest parts of the world. Together with our unique fleet of vehicles and our highly experienced drivers, this ensures that your cargo will arrive safely at its final destination.

We have a special fleet of vehicles, which features unique low loader trailers. These trailers are built using our own designs, thus creating deep loaders that can be loaded higher than any other transport company. During the journey, we can temporarily lower the cargo to 2 cm above the ground. And this could determine whether a destination is reached via the fastest possible route.