Special international transport is our profession

Professional expertise is needed to transport yachts and sailing boats to and from all ports in Europe and beyond. The same applies to the transport of exceptional cargo like, for example: large containers,heavy plant and machinery, cable drums, aeroplane engines and fuselages. Van de Wetering has become a specialist in this specific area and has been offering professional services for over 55 years.

Our operations span half the globe

A small business that once transported hay and straw has, over the past half century, developed into a company with 45 low loaders and ?? employees. From our head office in Loosdrecht, we offer our special transport services in the whole of Europe, Turkey, North Africa, the Canary Islands and Asia. We are familiar with all routes and obstacles in every country we visit, as well as local laws, regulations, customs and protocol. This gives us a competitive advantage that puts us Head & Shoulders above our competitors.

Detailed coordination between our planning department and our drivers ensures that all cargo is collected  & delivered safely, at the agreed time and without problems. During these activities, our self-designed low loaders often help us to achieve the impossible. If a cargo initially appears unsuitable for road transport, we will keep brainstorming until a suitable solution is found. This is a challenge we love facing each and every time. Try us!


Would you like to know more about our methods?

Then click From Polar circle to Equator. This very interesting article was written by a journalist at Motorboot magazine.
Of course, you can also call us on +31 (0)35 582 55 50 or send an e-mail to info@vandewetering.nl.